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Floor Coverings

YOUR FLOORING ON THE AGREED DAY: That's our commitment. We know how frustrating it is when suppliers don't deliver when promised. We give you a day when your flooring will be done and are totally committed to making it happen.

EXPERTISE: We live and breathe floor coverings. Whether it is carpet, vinyl, cork or wooden floors, it's all we do. Every aspect of your new floor is handled by experts. All carpet, vinyl and cork installation craftmanship is fully guaranteed by Footes and covered by the National Flooring Association of New Zealand. We call it professional, you'll call it reassurance.

RANGE: We have one of the best ranges for carpet, vinyl, cork and wooden floors in the South Waikato. Regardless of where you live in Waikato, it will be well worth your while to travel to our rather special showroom. Some clients think it is the best in the Waikato Region! The unique system we have for displaying your carpet, vinyl, cork and wooden floor options makes it so easy to choose.

IT IS THE ON THE FLOOR PRICE THAT COUNTS! Don't be misled by $ per metre and other "advertising gimmicks". Footes consistently strive to deliver the best value in the South Waikato for your money on the floor. How much will your new floor cost? Does this cover everything? What about furniture and appliances? What can Footes do to make it easier? At Footes we think it is doing the little things well that makes the difference.